Award Received...

  1. KSIEC Spring Meeting 2018

    "Congratulations to Arif Hussain on presenting his work in KSIEC spring meeting 2018. He has been awarded the "Excellent paper presentation award" under category " Outstanding Foreigner Researcher Resident in Korea". His presentation topic was "Distillation coupled to side-reactor configuration; Design and Application"."

  2. KICHE Conference Spring 2018

    "Congratulations to Muhammad Abdul Qyyum on getting Best Poster Award in KICHE Conference Spring 2018."

  3. 17th symposium on Clean Technology

    "Congratulation to Arif on winning the "Best Poster Award" at 17th symposium on Clean Technology."

  4. ESSD 2018 Conference, Pakistan

    "Kinza Qadeer received Poster Presentation Award at ESSD 2018 Conference Pakistan."

  5. Asia Pacific Gas Conference 2017 Daegu

    "Muhammad Abdul Qyyum received Best poster and Excellence Oral Presentation Award at Asia Pacific Gas Conference 2017 Daegu, Republic of Korea".

  6. Best poster award at the ICSST-17

    "Many congratulation to Mr. Arif on winning the best poster award at the ICSST-17 held in Busan".

  7. 17th International Symposium on Clean technology

    "Junaid Haider received Best Poster Award at 17th International Symposium on Clean technology, Republic of Korea".

  8. 2016 대구 Asia Pacifia Gas Conference 2016(APGC 2016)에서 펭웨이, 김서은, 압둘 가윰 무하마드, 와히드 알리, 알람 나와즈 팀(지도교수 이문용) 장려상 수상!

    "펭웨이(석사과정), 김서은(석사과정), 압둘 가윰 무하마드(석사과정), 와히드 알리(박사과정), 알람 나와즈(박사과정)의 5명은 2016년 10월 6일에 대구에서 열린 Asia Pacific Gas Conference에서 장려상을 수상했다. APGC 2016은 국내 유일한 국제 가스 학회이며, 본 행사에서는 14곳의 세션 및 각 기관의 약 50여 편의 발표를 포함한 총 78개의 학술 발표를 통해 최신 가스산업에 대한 동향 및 기술정보를 제공했다."

  9. Oct 18, 2016 16th International Symposium on Clean Technology

    "Muhammad Abdul Qyyum has received Best Poster Presentation Award at 16th International Symposium on Clean technology".

  10. Apr 29, 2016 Korean Institute of Chemical Engineers (KIChE) at BEXCO

    "Wahid Ali has received award on poster presentation in the topic of Reliability of Chemical Process held at KICHE Conference Busan".

  11. The paper presented in the symposium of PSE Asia 2016 Selected as outstanding paper and invited to submit to Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan(JCEJ)

    "The paper name of "Design of a Safe Plant-Wide Control for Acid Gas Removal in IGCC Power Plant" presented by Seoeun Kim(M.S.) from PSDC laboratory in The International Symposium on Design, Operation & Control of Chemical Processes(PSE Asia), from 24 to 27 July 2016, at Tokyo has chosen as outstanding paper and permitted to submit to JCEJ. The aforementioned conference is a grand international symposium with the participant from 18 nationalities, published total 127 number of oral presentation and 36 number of poster presentation. The PSDC lab had applied several papers covering a variety of topics. Eventually, the paper had acknowledged the contribution in Process Dynamics and Control section, achieved the further global presence of the PSDC laboratory".

  12. 2014 Korean Institute of Chemical Engineers (KIChE)

    "2014 Korean Institute of Chemical Engineers (KIChE) Spring Meeting - Riezqa Andika have received Best Poster Award (2014)".

  13. Huntsman Design Contest

    "Huntsman and The European Federation of Chemical Engineering (EFCE) on The 9th European Congress of Chemical Engineering and 2nd European Congress of Applied Biotechnology (ECCE9 / ECAB2) - Riezqa Andika have received Third Winner (2013) Read more".


    "Honeywell (NYSE: HON) has today announced that Mohd Shariq Khan, a student from Yeungnam University in South Korea, has won its annual Asia Pacific student competition. Mohd Shariq Khan will showcase his winning design to more than 200 attendees and partners at the 2013 Honeywell Users Group (HUG) Asia-Pacific Symposium taking place this week in Perth. Mohd Shariq Khan used Honeywell UniSim Design software to optimise the single mixed refrigerant natural gas liquefaction process. Typically, liquefaction accounts for 30 percent of the total energy used in natural gas processing. With Honeywell’s simulation technology, Mohd applied the Particle Swarm Paradigm algorithm to achieve energy savings of 10 percent, when compared with the base case. Read more ".