About PSDC Research...

The economic developments of a last few decades have brought about a change in the way chemical processes and production facilities are designed and operated. During the periods of little competition and large profit margins, efficiency had been of minor importance. A process was designed so that it could be operated as a sequence of almost independent unit operations.

Modern and next generation plants, however, tend to adopt state of the art clean technologies for environmental benignity and to be highly integrated (utilizing recycle streams, energy recovery networks, etc.) to provide a more efficient utilization of natural resources. Furthermore, the pace of technological development is accelerating while process and product cycles shortening. Under this situation, the compatibility of a process totally depends on how the process is optimally designed based on state of the art process systems technologies.

This integration can make it more difficult to run and control a plant. Therefore, much interest in advanced control systems with modern control techniques has emerged. The impact of improved instrumentation and operating policies can be significant. The integration also makes the monitoring and diagnosis more difficult and the operation data analysis and the state estimation techniques based on artificial intelligence and advanced statistical techniques are becoming more crucial.

The process systems design and control laboratory (PSDC) has carried out the extensive research associated with the process design and control area since it opened at 1994. Many of the research activities are focused on the industrial projects because of the unique feature of the laboratory. This allows the graduate students to get various industrial experiences with the capability for the able process engineer. We also provide excellent research environment with a lot of high quality hardware and software including the various support programs for the graduate students to sustain competitive advantages.

Research Interests ... (back to top)

Our research interest is mainly focused on "state of the art" process control and process design technologies.
  • Topics of process control are :

    - IMC based Optimal Design of Industrial Three Term Controllers
    - Robust Analytical Design of Multi-loop PID Controllers
    - Soft Sensor Design for Evaluating Product Quality and Process State
    - Optimization Based Controller Design for Constrained Optimal Control
    - Advanced Control for Thermally Coupled Distillation Process
    - Process Identification and Loop Assesment
    - Real-time Monitoring and Control Software Package

  • Topics of process design are :

    - Design and optimization of hydrogen liquefaction processes
    - Design and optimization of stande-alone and integrated biogas upgrading and biomethane liquefaction process
    - Optimal Design of Thermally Coupled Distillation Process Including Divided Wall Column
    - Modeling and Design of Azeotropic Distillation and Hybrid Distillation Process
    - Modeling of Naphtha Cracking Process with Thermal Cracker
    - Design of Next Generation Process for Energy Saving and Waste Minimization
    - Modeling, Design, and Control of Semi-conductor and Display Material Processes
    - Modeling, Design, and Control of LNG BOG Reliqufaction Process
    - Modeling and Design of Ultra High Purity Poly-Silicon Manufacturing Process
    - Design, Optimization, and Retrofitting of Natural Gas Liquefaction (LNG) Processes
    - Modeling and Design of Next-Generation Fuels/Materials Manufacturing Process by Integrated Utilization of Lignocellulosic Biomass
    - Modeling and Design of 2,3-Butanediol Manufacturing Process
    - Design and Optimization of Reaction Separation Processes.

Current Research... (back to top)

  • A detailed assessment of hydrogen liquefaction technologies

  • Biogas upgrading through cryogenic technology

  • Nitrogen removal from sidestream effluent through PN/Anammox process

  • A stochastic model approach in biological nitrogen removal

  • Thermodynamic analysis using VBA vortex tube

  • Optimization of SMR case using VBA vortex tube

  • Optimization KSMR using Runner-root Algorithm of LNG Processes

  • Performance enhancement of LNG Processes

  • Global sensitivity analysis and uncertainty quantification for complex chemical processes

  • Reliability of Chemical Process

  • Constrained Optimal PI and IMC Controller for SISO Dead-Time Systems

  • Process Design and Optimization of Hybrid Distillation with Membrane

  • Process Design and Optimization of Hybrid Extraction-Distillation

  • Process Intensification using Reactive Distillation, Heat Integrated RD, RDWC, TCRD

  • Evaluation of Baseload Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) Plant

  • Feasibility Study of Power-to-Methanol via Co-Electrolysis

  • Techno-Economic Study of Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell (MCFC) for Residential

  • Process Design Optimization by Using Algorithm

  • Optimization of N2 Expander Using modified Algorithm

Previous Research... (back to top)

  • Zr/Hf Separation Development by Using High Efficiency Distillation Technology

  • NGL Recovery Process and Integrated Technology

  • The Design of LNG Liquefaction Plant & Control Strategy Developement

  • Minimizing VOC Emission During Transport of Crude Oil to Cargo Tanker

  • Statistical Analysis of Process Control System

  • Constrained Optimal Control using Industrial Controller Types

  • Structural Design and Separation Characteristic of Divided Wall Column by the Shortcut Method

  • Control Structure and Operation Condition of BOG Re-liquefaction System

  • Model Based Analytical Design of Multi-loop Control Systems

  • Enhanced Performance of Model Based PID Controller for Process Industry

  • Solvent recovery process of textile coating machine

  • Improvement of Industrial Control System for Single Crystal Grower for Semiconductor Wafer Production(with LG Siltron)

  • Process Development for Waste Organic Solution Recovery In LCD Production Process(with LG Philips LCD)

  • Green Process for Etchant Regeneration of Shadow Mask Production Process(with LG Micron)

  • Design of Optimal Spray Nozzle System for Shadow Mask Production(with LG Micron)

  • Modeling and Optimal Design for Naphtha Cracker(with KAIST, Samsung Eng)

  • Nonlinear Dynamic Behavior of Azeotropic Distillation Process(with ETH Automatic Control Lab.)

  • Development of Advanced Process Identification Package CIMPI for MPC(with SK Eng)

  • Online Optimization of Crude Distillation Unit Based on Rigorous Simulator(With LG Caltex & AID Inc.)

  • Web-based Loop Assessment, On-line Identification & Tuning(Funded by Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Energy)

  • Advanced Control System for LCD/PDP Film Production (with CASA TECH)

  • Real Time Defection Prediction/Prevention System for High Valued Thin Film Process(with CASA TECH & KOTEF)

  • Design and Control for Thermally Integrated Distillation Column (with LG Yenam Foundation)