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  1. Graduate application

    International applicants who have completed or will complete a Bachelor degree or a Master degree from regular colleges prior to admission and have a record that indicates good potential for advanced study and research in one of the disciplines at Yeungnam University are encouraged to apply for admission to graduate study.

    • Required Documents :

      1. Application form
      2. Statement of purpose, autobiography
      3. Affidavit of Financial REsponsibility
      4. Official Agreement for Academic Record Verification
      5. Certificate of Graduation (Original copy of Bachelor's or (and) Master's Certificate of Graduation, or notarized Certificate of Graduation should be submitted)
      6. Recommendation letters from two (Original copy of Bachelor's or (and) Master's degree, or notarized degree(s) should be submitted) professors
      7. Color photos( 3.5cm x 4.5 cm)
      8. Photo copy of passport
      9. Original copy of bank statement of sponsor's account balance

        The detailed information can be found in
    • Scholarship for International Students :
      1. Applicants will be a awarded 75% of tuition waiver if he or she meets one of the following criteria:
        1. Language Proficiency
                  - TOEFL : PBT 500 /CBT 173 /IBT 61
                  - TOEIC : 700
                  - IELTS : 5.0
                  - KLPT(Korean Language Proficiency Test) : 350
                  - TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) : Level 4
        2. Applicants who was born where English is a mother tongue
        3. Applicants who obtained a Bachelor's or Master's Degree from a Korean university and studied in Korea more than two years.
        4. If applicants are not able to submit their language proficiency test scores when applying, they can still be awarded a 75% tuition waver under the condition of submitting proof of successful test completion for one of the above language proficiency tests within three months of admission. Otherwise, the applicant will recieve a 50% tuition waiver from the 2nd semester.
      2. Applicants who obtained a Bachelor's or Master's Degree from a Korean University and studied in Korea more than two years.
      3. After screening by the Graduate School Committee, full tuition waver will be given to the applicants who are full-time professors or a researchesr in one of the national research institutes in home countries.
      4. After screening by the Graduate School Committee, students who recieve a 75% tuition waver and are determined to be eligible by their departments to be a TA or an RA will be final candidates for a tuition waver.
      5. Applicants who do not meet the above criteria will be awarded 50% tuition waivers as scholarship for international students.
    • Procedures of Entry Visa (D-2)

  2. Maps and Directions (back to top)
    How to get to Yeungnam University
    • From Incheon Airport ( Seoul)
      1. Limousine Bus

          - Take the "Gyeongsan/Dong-Taegu" Limousine Bus to Gyeongsan Intercity Bus Terminal(경산시외버스) in the bus stop 1st floor 10C. The fare is about 35,000W. The last bus is 7.40pm. At here, take the taxi to YU. The fare is about 2,500W.   - If you come at night, you need to go to Kangnam Terminal Bus Express by taking the bus Garack Dong (6009) in the 1st Floor 5A,11B bus stop,or Teheran-ro (6020) at th 1st Floor 4A,10B bus top .Then take the Limousine bus to Dong Teagu station. The last bus in Kangnam is 1.30am. At Dong Teagu station, take the subway to Banyawol station , then take bus No 719 to YU; or you can go to Sawol station , then take the bus No 449 or 649 to YU. The best way is to take the taxi to YU. The fare is about 20,000W.

      2. Train

        Take bus Namsan at 1st Floor 4B,11A bus stop, or MyeongDong at 1st Floor 5B,12A bus stop, or Seoul Stn at 1st Floor 6A,12B bus stop, or Yongsan Stn/Seoul Stn at 1st Floor 4A,10B bus stop to go to Seoul Station. You also can use subway to go to Seoul Station. At Seoul station, take the train to Geyongsan station (경산). The last train is 11 pm. The fare is about 22.000W. In the Geyongsan station, just take the taxi to YU.

      3. Book A Train Ticket
      4. Plane

        Take the domestic airline from Incheon to Deagu International Airport. Here, you can take bus No 719 or 980 to YU. You also can use subway to: Banyawol(발야월) station and then use bus No 719 to YU; or Sawon(사월) station and then use bus No 449, 649 to YU. The most convenient way is to use taxi to YU.

    • From Gimhae Airport (Pusan)

        - Take the bus No 307 to the Gupo (구포역) station.
        - Here, you can catch the train to Geongsan station(경산역). Then, take the taxi to YU.
        - Take the bus to the daegu from the bus stop no.1.
        - Then, take the taxi to YU.

      The detailed schedule of train in Korea, you can see on:

      Note that, the train in Korea has two main kind: Mugunghwa and KTX. The fee for KTX is almost twice of Mugunghwa. However, the travling time is only half.

  3. Season Campus (back to top)

    Campus Tour Map

    Spring BlossomsSummer Time
    Autumn LeavesWinter Trees
  4. Dormitories (back to top)

    The University opened dormitory (facilities) in May 1973, for those who need on campus housing. These facilities are opened for undergraduates (mainly) and graduate students. At present six residence halls, including one self-boarding apartment type hall, accommodate 1,200 students. A modern style dining hall in which more than 500 people can eat at a time , a video room with a big screen TV and a video player, study rooms, computer labs, resting rooms, ping-pong tables, snack stores and exercise rooms are useful facilities among others provided for dormitory residents.

  5. University Library (back to top)

    The University Library was originally established on the Daegu campus in 1967 by merging the two college libraries of Daegu and Chunggu, which were founded in 1947 and 1950, respectively. The present University Library moved to the Gyeongsan main campus in 1974. Now, it comprises a main library and two branches. During the year of 2003 to 2005, the main library building was renovated and expanded. As a result, the 21-story main library has five reading rooms by subjective areas, a computer and multimedia lab, two general reading rooms, 4 group study rooms, and 24 carrels. The science library branch has a reading room for pure science and technology, a periodicals room, a computer and multimedia lab, and four general reading rooms. The number of the seats of the science library is 2,077. The Daegu campus has a medical library branch which has 224 seats. As of February 2007, the University Library holds more than 1,478,491 books including bound ones, and carries 2,830 titles of domestic and foreign periodicals along with 24,048 titles of E-Journals. It also stores personal collections donated by 28 private collectors. The books are classified according to the 3rd edition of the Korean Decimal Classification system.

  6. Application for Alien Registration Card (After getting admission) (back to top)

    You can register for the Alien Card through the Deagu Immigration Office or International Program Office in Yeungnam University with the following documents:   - Application form
          - Passport
          - 2 photos ( color,3x4 cm)
          - Certificate of Enrollment
          - Fee: 10.000W
    You can take a bus 719 at the bus station and then take off at the Dongchon(동촌) station to come to the Deagu Immigration Office. The more information can be found in website It'll take 2weeks after applying for Registration to get Alien card.

    Visa extension (back to top)

    An application for extension of a D-2 visa should be made in advance of the visa expiring date. You can extend Visa through the Deagu Immigration Office or International Program Office in Yeungnam University with the following documents:
          - Application form
          - Alien card
          - Student certificate
          - Tuition payment receipt
          - Certificate of scholarship( money which you are supported each month)
          -Fee: 30.000W

  7. How to obtain Student ID card (back to top)

    All most functions can be in your Student Card including: Bank card ( to deposit and withdraw)
    , Internet Banking, Student Card, Library Card, Bus Card, Security Card.
          -Go to Daegu Bank with Alien card and fill-up the forms to open the bank account.
         - Go to Center or Science library to active the library service.
        - Go to main academic building at KT Telecom security office to activate the security clearance for "Display and Chemical Engineering" building. With the Security Card, you can go into our department at night (after 11.30pm).

  8. How to apply for Ms and PhD defence

          - Fill the forms( example for Ms) and send to Graduate office
          - Pay about 70,000W for Ms and 260,000W for PhD through given bank account.

           Note- More details can be seen in the graduate website at

  9. Useful Website (back to top)

      - Yeungnam University:
      - Korean Language institude in YU:
      - Library in YU:
      - Buy books online in Korea: or
      - Buy goods online in Korea:
      - Train website:
      - Daegu city website:
      - Travel information in Korea:
      - Subway in Seoul:
      - Airplane ticket:
      - Cheap hostel for travel:
      - Cheap hotel for travel: